May 15, 2010

Two civil lawsuits

An article in the Bee today is of some interest to me, since there are two civil suits that I am aware of that have many identical elements.

The alike elements are these:

  • A civil suit was filed for wrongful death, filed by the decedent's daughter.
  • The plaintiff attorney is Ed Dudensing.
  • The defendent is Horizon West Healthcare.
  • The decedent is an old woman with dementia who cracked a bone and died from an infection she incurred while staying at a facility run by the defendent.
Differences in the two suits include these:

 Suit #1 went to trial and a jury awarded the daughter $28 million, which, according to the Bee article, is "the largest personal injury award in [Sacramento] County history."
 Suit #2 is in litigation.

 Suit #1 The deceased woman is Frances Tanner and the daughter is Elizabeth Pao. (Two people I'd never heard of.)
 Suit #2 The deceased woman is my mother Mary Criner and the daughter is my sociopathic sister Carol Armstrong. (Two people I know best in the world.)