November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody. May your day be a joyous one with NFL games all in a row. May the cranberries and pumpkin pie be as delicious as the tofo turkey.

We homeless hate holidays since the few establishments where we can hang out and do constructive (and, for some, not-so-constructive) things are sure to be closed. BUT, for the homeless, there are many opportunities to get good free eating, albeit with a few ill-mannered homeless folks at the table. AND the food is plentiful and traditional and great. Loaves & Fishes served a Thanksgiving lunch on Tuesday with good-as-fresh leftovers for today's lunch. The mission will serve a Thanksgiving meal to us tonight. And the Salvation Army will be serving Thanksgiving fixings tomorrow at about noon.

It has been raining in Sac'to -- but not too badly. This is the first real rain in my six sad months on the street. Rain, the experienced homeless tell me, is the primary enemy of the homeless. Well, that and parole officers and bouts of food poisoning.

I am happy enough, even more than enough, my friends. Not to fret. Be well, y'all. Be happy, everybody.

-- Tom

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Buddhist_philosopher said...

Happy thanksgiving, Tom! Be well in your journeys.