March 9, 2009

Sac'to Homeless featured on today's Today Show

Here, the vid:

And, here my piece in Sacramento Homeless about the wave of stories about the Sacramento homeless in Big Media and beyond.

UPDATE: And here, another Today Show segment, a follow-up the next day, an objectivity-be-gone love smooch to Sacramento Loaves & Fishes. Sister Libby Fernandez, CEO of L&F, can be heard, as can the city's major, Kevin Johnson. My good friend T-Bone [aka, New York], as nice a fellow as there is in the world, has a cameo role; he's in the food line, asked by Libby (off camera) what he's doing today. "Going to work, today" he says.


They call him James Ure said...

I thought about you when I saw the segment on t.v. I hope you are doing well. Peace to you...

Tom said...

Thanks, James! I'm not [yet] in a tent since men's shelters have openings in the first half of months [due to 'happy checks' that many men get early in a month]. BUT the viddies are a window into my world [except that things are warped by the major media; most homeless, including the new homeless, are solo men].

My mood / experience has its ups and its downs. Since the pre-trial hearing on the window-breaking incident, with the weirdness of being in the same room as my sister-from-hell, I've been on a roller coaster.

gary said...

Today I go to a memorial for RED HEAD STEVE @ LOAVES @ FISHES.S TEVE was found murdered Sat. under 12th. st. bridge.Yards away a 50yr. old man was found unrelated dead of natural causes.Who could do such a sick @ cowardly thing*After the expensive milatary closing of tentcity 03-2009.The polititions NWO MAYOR KEVIN JOHNSONS resonse to the homeless problem has been the closing of all existing shelers,programs & services.Except police & jail services.Excuse me sir but you lied in regards to a committe by homeless pepole themselfs to adress the issue because you dont have any experience with this.I stood with many & aplauded for you @ mayor campain speech with Fargo in 2008.I had chills on my body like a spiritual experience.I believed in you.I have recently lost my housing no fault of my own.Faced with no where else to go I @ 53 must clandestinly sleep under a tree.Will I too be brutally murdered brutally or arrested & searched:I didnt qaulify for NWO CONGRESS approved long term unemployed extension benifits in June & I after research dont qaulify this time either.Dont believe the news reports on aproved benifits for long term unemployed.Will I too die of natural causes & make the latest news as a transiet.There blood is on ther hands.GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL STEVE.You will be truely missed.My heart aches.My eyes are wet.Everyone has a story of how we got here.Drugs are a symptom not a problem.Camping in the wilderness,dreaming in the sun.Crying to the stars @ night for GODS ETERNAL SON.Have mercy on us. ROBERT BOOKER"a child of GOD"

Tom Armstrong said...

Thanks for your comment, Gary. For many many reasons I, too, am very disappointed with Mayor Johnson. When Tent City was closed, the city misspent a million dollars, wasting it at an extended, "upgraded" Cal Expo Overflow. Boy, could we ably use just one-fourth that amount now!

The mayor, too, put up the Safe Ground people at Hawthorn Suites Hotel for the winter of 09-10. An extravagance of overspending, again, while a man died during freezing temperatures downtown in Dec 2009.

Bless the two men who died recently. Indeed, if there was available shelter space this winter, very very possibly both men would be alive today.

I was on the street last night, since there would be no available beds at the mission. I will probably be out tonight, too. Yes the temperatures are warm for this time of year, but how our lives feel wasted away when essential services aren't available -- but would be if Loaves & Fishes didn't spend $1.7 million on a warehouse! And it the city was efficient with money spend for the homeless. AND if the county would recognize its top priority should be care for the poor.

Thanks, again, Gary, for your wonderful, touching comment.