December 9, 2010

Blogisattva Finalists have been announced

The Blogisattva Award Finalists (with “honorable mentions” in most categories included) were announced by co- administrator Kyle Lovett at The Blogisattva Awards website yesterday to some fanfare.

As founder of the awards, and administrator during its beginning spell of three years honoring English-language Buddhism blogging, I, of course, have a keen interest in the splendid resurrection of the awards, done by administrators Kyle Lovett and Nate deMontigny. [AND with spiffy new design features contributed by Anoki Casey.]

The first thing I noticed as I read through the list of finalists was the women! Wooho! In the first three years of the awards the noticeable absence of woman’s voices [texty key tapping?] in the ‘competition,’ and, perhaps, in the Buddhoblogosphere, generally, was a point of controversy. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 [honoring blogs, bloggers and posts of the prior year], woman were little represented.

I can’t pull together data to prove it, but I think that it was both a fault of the Awards in the ought-years, and that there was, genuinely, a paucity of women dedicated to blogging at that time. I think it is known that guys had been overwhelming dominant in the Internet and that this situation is much more level, with, well, nowadays, everybody, pretty much, hooked on the web.

Many of the stalwart blogs of the awards in the ought-years have passed from the scene, changed the focus of their blog, or just aren't contenders this year. A notable exception is The Buddhist Blog -- which continues to be to the Buddhoblogosphere what Kellogg’s is to cereal [nope, that’s not it]. General Motors is to vehicles [nope, not right]. I’ve got it!: The Buddhist Blog is to the Buddhoblogosphere what Buddha is to Buddhism!

James Ure’s TBB is a finalist in three categories and the recipient of three honorable mentions, which, with a total of six, makes him/his blog tops on the Kudos Count, both this year and, probably, all time [I'll have to run the numbers].

The reason the awards lapsed after 2008 was difficulties I was having, and am having, including easy access to the Internet.  I haven't yet had time for the delight of going through the Finalists List and reading the posts and blogs that have been honored.  But I do see that the quality is there, and for that the administrators and judges should be congratulated.

I am delighted to see nominations for Smiling Buddha Cabaret, one blog I have followed somewhat in the past few years.  And, ditto, for cheerio road and — long-time blogs that I follow on my RSS reader.

Congratulations to all the worthies and their nominations.

BUT, it would be no fun if I didn't share at least one disappointment.  Awards are like that; controversies are a part of the thought process that makes us think about what is good.  I confess to being disappointed that Marnie Louise Froberg's "A Comment on Dharma Wars: Ignoble Silence, Transcendental Egotism and Getting Straight with the Truth" wasn't nominated for Best Post.

Awards!  Are they a Barrel of Joy, or what!!? 


They call him James Ure said...

You do me a great honor in how you worded my contribution to the Buddhoblogosphere. Thank-you, dear friend.

Those are big shoes to fill to be compared to the Buddha in any way; and I'm not sure that I'm living up to his example but I appreciate your kindness and vote of confidence.

You've always been a great supporter. I will always, ALWAYS associate you with these awards. You are the professor emeritus of these awards; if not the early Buddhoblogosphere.

I try my best to be of benefit to the Buddhoblogosphere but I couldn't do it without my fellow bloggers.

I look forward to reading all the other finalists as well. Thanks again.

Tom Armstrong said...

Thanks, James! You're an immortal! As is TBB!