May 19, 2009

Brad Warner: Atheism and Buddhism

Brad Warner, author of Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate and blogger of Hardcore Zen, talks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, about atheism and God as they relate to Buddhism.


judih said...

yes, Brad Warner - I've got his hardcore zen, and it's too bad he spends time talking about this 'word' that people wage wars over, but then again, maybe his explanation will resonate enough that such a question will come up less often.

thanks, tom

Tom said...


Yeah. I think the way he approaches atheim and religion-waring - in the video, anyway - tends toward reducing the tensions and controveries rather than escalating things.

I've gone back and forth in my 'feel' for Brad over the years. Right now, I'm a fan, again. I think that may in part be because he's become a little more mature. But more likely it is, in part, that *I* have gotten a wee bit more mature.